Bach Society of Saint Louis Auditions

Chorus and Principal Singer auditions are scheduled by contacting the Bach Society Office or by calling (314) 652-BACH. Please download the audition info sheet and bring your completed form with you to your audition.

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We look for choral singers who read well, blend easily with other voices, and sing with good intonation. Prospective members will have had private study in an instrument as well as voice, and be experienced in choral singing.

Potential Chorus Members Are Expected to Be

– Experienced in choral singing
– Competent in reading music
– Above average in sight reading skills and musicianship
– Experienced in singing in Latin and German
– Able to blend easily with other voices
– A good listener who sings with good intonation
– Able to control vibrato from none to full

Chorus Member Auditions Will Include

– A prepared solo no longer than 4 minutes; an accompanist will be provided; please bring a copy for the accompanist that is marked for tempo, dynamics, ritards, etc.
– Sight reading and tonal memory
– An evaluation of vocal characteristics

Principal Singer Auditions Will Include

– Two prepared selections in contrasting styles, with one in English. Selections should demonstrate the applicant’s range, timbre, flexibility, diction, expressiveness and stage presence. Memorization is expected but not required.
– Sight reading and tonal memory
– An evaluation of vocal characteristics

Returning singers are required to sing only one selection.

Evaluation: Applicants will be judged on vocal quality, musicianship, tonal memory and sight-reading.

Download Audition Form