for the 2015-2016 Concert Season
    are being held
May 11th18thJune 1stJuly 13thAugust 17th

Young Artists
Principal Singers
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    Candidates should check out The Performers for audition information,
and call the Bach Society office
(or Contact Us under MailBachs using General Information)
to schedule their audition.

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Click the icon to hear selections from recent Bach Society of Saint Louis performances of
  …the great music of Bach  
  Bach: BWV 10 • Meine Seele erhebt den Herren    
  …and other classical composers  
  Mozart: Requiem • Confutatis et Lacrimosa    
  Haydn: Lord Nelson Mass • Kyrie    
  Haydn: Lord Nelson Mass • Gloria    
  …plus a cappella classics  
  Chesnokov: Duh Tvoy blagiy    
  Rachmaninov: Bogoroditse Devo    
  Rachmaninov: Hvalite imia Ghospodne    
For downloads of single tracks or complete CDs you can visit Instant Encore.