Bach Society of Saint Louis Principal Singers

Principal Singer positions are available by audition to outstanding choral singers with professional training and choral experience. While some Principal Singers are also soloists, all must excel in ensemble singing and be able to blend with a choir.

Eligibility: A Principal Singer Is Expected to Have

– A four-year degree in music, preferably in voice
– Exceptional sight-reading skills and musicianship
– A broad knowledge of historical styles
– Experience singing in Latin and German
– A commitment to choral excellence
– There is no age limitation for Principal Singers

Principal Singers are expected to come to each rehearsal fully prepared to lead the volunteer singers by example. They also advise the conductor of musical passages – especially in their own section – that require more attention. They sing in all performances of the Bach Society Chorus, including extra run-out concerts.

Compensation: Principal Singers are paid $40 per service, including rehearsals, concerts and run-out performances; a one-hour “appearance” (e.g., a church service) may be pro-rated. They are asked to volunteer only for exceptional situations. Principal Singers are engaged as independent contractors. Checks are distributed early in the month subsequent to a month’s service.