Legacy Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Tyree C. Derrick
Dr. and Mrs. William Doub
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Deane Looney
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Mullin
Rev. and Mrs. Gregory K. Smith
Mr. Harley Smith & Dr. Veronica Hilyard
Dr. and Mrs. A. Dennis Sparger
Ms. Susan C. Thomson
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Ver Hagen
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Wilton

Composer’s Circle Platinum – $10,000+

Centene Charitable Foundation
Harry and Arden Fisher
Dr. Veronica Hilyard and Mr. Harley Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James Lindemann

Composer’s Circle Gold – $5,000 – $9,999

Cass Information Systems
Mr. Robert H. Duesenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Edwards IV
Lutheran Church Extension Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Ver Hagen

Composer’s Circle Silver – $2,500 – $4,999

Boeing Employee Community Fund
CBIZ, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. William Doub
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Dugan
Edward Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elsperman
Mr. Gregory Finch
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lee
Mary Ranken Jordan Foundation
Moneta Group Charitable Foundation
Rev. and Mrs. Gregory K. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. A. Dennis Sparger
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Anne von der Heydt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wunderlich

Composer’s Circle Bronze – $1,000 – $2,499

Ms. Gwen Adams
Mr. and Mrs. James and Cathy Berges
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Boston
Mr. Greg Carl
Mr. Michael Clear and Mrs. Marie Bone
James and Erica Chalmers
Mr. and Mrs. Tyree C. Derrick
Mr. Michael Ermer
Mr. and Mrs. Jeromey Farmer
Mr. and Mrs. David O. Gifford
Graybar Foundation
Ms. Connie Green and Mr. Robert Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. John Greene
Mrs. Anita Hagerman
Bill and Becky Hauk
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Johnson
Ms. Anita Kerwin
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Klemm
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kouba
Rev. Richard and Gaylene LaBore
Mr. and Mrs. Deane Looney
Mr. Kent MacPeek and Ms. Sandra Behrens
Ryan and Melissa Payton
Ms. Ruth Rangel
Richard and Elizabeth Robb
Ms. Carol Sagner
David and Terea Schulz
Mr. José Silva
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R Smith Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Siepman
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Stotler
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Wilton

Patron – $500 – $999

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bloomer
Mr. John A. Brennan
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Cantrell
Mr. Aaron Chickos
Mr. David Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Dendtler
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Dykewicz
Ms. Linda Farbry
Jeromey and Kelli Farmer
Mr. Gerry Frankenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Gemberling
Mrs. Shannon Hart and Mr. CK Siu
Mrs. Roisin Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Deborah Koenemann
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Mager
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Moen
Mr. Matthew Perlow
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Prahlow
Dr. Barbara Sterkel and Mr. Edward Reeb
Mr. and Mrs. Don and Jaimee Robles
Stephen and Janice Seele
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Sumner
Mr. Darwin Tangulig and Mr. Richard Burk
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Von Rohr
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Walsh
Ms. Grace Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wisely
Rev. and Mrs. Valerie Yancey

Associate – $250 – $499

Mr. Jeffrey Barbour
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Berner Jr.
Mr. and Mrs.  Kenneth J. Bower
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brickler
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Britton
Ms. Susan Buckley
Ms. Anne Carman
Mr.and Mrs. Charles Cobaugh
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Doerrer
Mrs. Evelyn Dykewicz
Dr. Denise Field
Ms. Kristine Finlay
Bob and Kathy Fulstone
Ms. Sandra Geary
Ms. Jane Geer
Mr. Patrick Hendershot
Ms. Elizabeth Higginbotham
Mr. Mark Hillis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keating
Mr. Barry Kirk and Mr. Andrew Martin
Ms. Linda Ladendecker-Corley
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Letcher
Ken and Carolyn Mann
Mr. Raymond Mann
Mr. Brian Mischel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nienhuis
Mr. Steve Recks and Mrs. Carin Gado
Ms. Audrey Schreiner
Mrs. Marie Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schwarz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sholts
Ms. Nanne B. Simonds
Mr. Patrick Stark
Ms. Rosalind Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Tunis
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Liz Von Rohr
Ms. Nancy Voorhies
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Wainwright
James and Wilma Wilson

Friend – $100 – $299

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Appelbaum
Ms. Carla Beckerle
Mr. Michael Biggers
Ms. Bonnie Brayshaw
Mr. John Carr and Mrs. Kay Kaiser
Ms. Marianne Cherry and Mr. Tom Gaffuri
Christy and Roy Clemens
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert T. Drury
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Eberlein
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ewbank
Mr. Alan Fiddleman
Ms. Margaret Gilleo and Mr. Charles Guenther
Mrs. Christine Guyol
Ms. Deberah Haferkamp
Mr. Kurtis Heinrich
Mr. and Mrs. John Hensley
Mr. James Hickerson
Ms. Jeannette Huey
Jefferson Bank & Trust Co.
Rachel and Michael Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Walt Jones
Mr. Alan Kohn
Ms. Kathy Lawton Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lehman
Edward and Elsie Long
Ms. Julie Messmer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Niederer
Ms. Barbara Ottolini
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Parkes
Mr. and Mrs. David Payton
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Pervil
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pienkos
Mr. and Mrs. JD Powers
Ms. Kathy Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Jasper J. Purvis
Mr. Joseph Rezny
Ms. Gretechen Ross
Michael and Deann Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Schield
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Steinmeyer
Mr. William Stevens
Mrs. Martha Sumner
Barbara and Herman Taute
Dr. and Mrs. Sam Toumayan
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Verde
Ms. Linda T. Virga
Mr. and Mrs. John Welter
Ms. Margaret Wehrenberg